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Electronic payment reversal on Titled Property AKA ChargeBack on Motor Vehicles is done by the purchasing buyer. Most commonly performed when a seller accepts PayPal for a vehicle sale on eBay. Normally credit-card issuers will not chargeback on Titled Property but buyers can claim they bought something else.

If you were defrauded by a credit card or PayPal ChargeBack it is not considered auto theft, instead a ChargeBack is a civil matter where the seller must file suite to recover their loss. Be advised getting a judgement, and then collecting it may not be possible it the defendant has nothing to attach. Best and safest payment method for titled property is bank to bank wire transfer.

Never Accept PayPal Payment For Motor Vehicles

PayPal Reversal Used Car

After taking a drive over to eBay’s selling forum, a poster claimed he sold his car on eBay Motors, and accepted PayPal for payment that was reversed. It’s a tough loss because PayPal does not cover motor vehicles. He took an initial PP $1,000 deposit, and “friends and family” sent him the balance, also by…
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Motor Vehicle Credit Card ChargeBack On Titled Property Reversed

Reversing Credit Card Chargeback Motor Vehicle

This eBay Top Rated Seller in good standing since 2010 sold his 2005 Ford F-150 Lariat 4×4 pickup truck on eBay Motors. Seller accepted PayPal for the full purchase price. Buyer later attempted a chargeback. But in the end the good guys won! Seller claims the buyer (a licensed dealer) paid an initial deposit. Then…
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eBay Car Seller Worried About PayPal Charge Back

PayPal Funds Frozen??

Got a real lively topic going on the eBay Motors Forums.┬áSo far the topic has 100 replies and Doc is sure more will be piling up before it’s all over. This one is more entertainment than watching re-runs on TV. But i have a feeling eBay / Liveworld will likely pull it soon. Just in…
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