Example Car Scam From Our Archives – 1929 Ford Model A

1929 Ford Model A Example Car Scam Auction

This 1929 Ford Model A Roadster is an example car scam auction from our classic archives. The listing was captured on 03/18/2007 back when scammers were literally picking eBay Motors buyers pockets clean. Fraudsters today are not as brazen as this example. It was common to plaster buy it now for only $9,500 everywhere on the auction presentation. Anonymous email addresses are still used today by scammers trying to hook a sucker! If you’re car shopping online be sure to read Doc’s Car Buying Tips! 😉

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10 Years Watching eBay Car Scams & Auction Fraud

Medved eBay Auction Chart 03/05/2007

Summary of 10 years watching eBay Auction Fraud and Used Car Scams. Buyers and Sellers were conned out of their money by slick talking fraudsters and bad sellers. These observations destroyed buyer and seller trust and well established community values. It is Doc’s belief, had Meg Whitman taken a stand against fraud and misrepresentation back in eBay’s early days, they could have nipped their auction fraud problem in the bud. But obviously corporate insiders were more interested in stuffing their pockets full of cash. Rather than working on long-term-goals that…

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Porsche Carrera & BMW eBay Phishing Car Scams

2008 Porsche 911 eBay Suspected Scam 151072675122

This 2008 Porsche Carrera is priced at less than half of book value and smells like a phishing scam all over. Googling it’s VIN up shows the real owners for sale listing at roughly double what the eBay Motors listing price is. The other is a 2012 BMW X5 5.0 AWD with 34,000 clicks. The suspected scam price is only $36,000. Not a lot of info Googling this ones VIN but it was previously listed by the same seller and relisted. It has ran roughly 9 total days on eBay.…

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1954 Jaguar XK-120 Low Profile eBay Scam

1954 Jaguar XK-120 Cached Ended Page

Doc had been following this Jaguar auction last month after a bidder posted a question on the eBay Motors discussion board. The discussion was actually about a classic Mercedes 190-SL that the seller also had listed. The thread was quite active and even most of the regulars thought the listing was legit. The seller had also bought some European car parts on eBay Motors so it looked like a legit listing done by someone without a lot of eBay knowledge. Doc still smelled a rat in the woodpile! One of…

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Beware Using Escrow For Motor Vehicle Transactions

Vehicle Sellers Beware Of Escrow

This post is regarding a recent high dollar collector car sale that went horribly bad when the seller accepted escrow to handle the transaction payment. Legitimate escrow-services are not fraudulent. But sellers that use any escrow-service for an expensive vehicle may not realize that the buyer pretty much holds all the cards. This fake escrow service example was uncovered by Internet Scammers blog. This article is very good reading for anyone selling a car that is considering using escrow to get paid. A buyer could get jammed up by a…

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1936 LaSalle Auction Scam On eBay Motors

1936 Lesalle Be Cautious Buying Online Collector Car Scams

Here is another low profile collector car scam on eBay Motors. 1936 LaSalle coupe. It looks like the same car scam that Doc captured back in December 2009. Scammers are now trying to maintain a low profile to stay in business on eBay Motors. They list a car like this one with a single photo, and start the bidding low. They hope you will contact them and request more photos and information about the car. If the bids get too high the scammers simply cancel them. The whole idea of…

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eBay Collector Car Scams Are Becoming Low Profile

eBay Low Profile Collector Car Scams

Doc published THIS VIDEO yesterday about 10 Collector Car Scams that all had similar scammer markings. Today there are only 3 left running on eBay servers. eBay in there failed way of attempting to keep buyers safe on the site pulled a discussion board post about these scams. They have to know there is a lot of fraud on their website, but love the fees that are charged to someones stolen credit card or hijacked sellers account, so it appears they would rather pull public postings about scams than pull…

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Why Would Anyone Want To Sell Their Car On eBay

eBay Feedback Extortion

eBay is openly telling buyers it’s OK to buy a used car then go after the seller for a partial refund if the vehicle does not meet their expectations.  This is opening the door to serious buyer fraud. The buyer came in person and inspected the car, went with the seller to DMV and got his tags, and drove it home. At that point it was his car. And if it broke in half he owned both halves, as we say in the car business. After the purchase, and after…

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