Internet Auto Scams Using Google Checkout

Google Checkout Scam Warning!

Just a quick reminder that Fraudsters are using Google Checkout as a 3rd party in an attempt to add legitimacy to their scams. Once again it’s the lure of an unrealistic price that makes these scams work. Don’t fall for it and loose your money! Read my article Internet Car Buying Tips first before attempting to buy any vehicle online. The butt you save will probably be your own! From a comment on another of our blog posts: 01/28/2013 at 10:38 AM Lisa Hicks (Scammer) Hi, I am selling this…

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Beware Of Low Priced Used Car Deposit Scams

Beware Of A Bargain Priced Automobile

Regardless if a car is for sale on the internet in another state or locally. If the advertised price seems too good to be true, you have to ask yourself why? Fraudsters come in all forms of people and use many different techniques to to steal your money. One such technique as depicted in this scam enactment video presentation, is the old deposit hustle.  Craigslist and lots of small online classifieds are full of scams like this one. Learn how to become a smart internet vehicle buyer:  Read Doc’s Internet…

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Another Holiday Phishing Scam Website Exposed Screen Capture

It’s the Holiday Season and Fraudsters are working hard to try and steal your money. This consumer was smart and asked about a suspected fraudulent website on eBay’s Motors Discussion Board. Most of the regulars are quite net savvy, but one did claim the site in question was indeed legit! Also Internet Scammers Blogged about website as being a scam yesterday. And a website Who Is look up shows the domain was registered on 10/22/2011.  Folks Just Remember: These SCAMMERS are PROS at what they Specialize In – STEAL…

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best atv store fraud video

This poster on eBay’s Motors Forums claimed he was redirected to after clicking on an eBay internal link. That sounds like another eBay XSS Redirect that has been uncorrected for many years. Hey John Bodine.. Why don’t you post in one of your eBay forums “we heard you and have fixed that redirect vulnerability.” Watch that post go Poof! LOL!! Actually today a Google Safe Browsing look up on showed 74 Scripting Exploits, and 3 Trojans. And this US-Cert Vulnerability Note VU#808921 warns of this scripting vulnerability: eBay contains a…

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Fraudulent Dependable Auto Shipping Website

Scammers Fake DAS Auto Shipping Website

This counterfeit Dependable Auto Shippers Website was uncovered by Internet Scammers Blog. This website is probably used in conjunction with the Fake eBay VPP Scam and Scam eBay Live Support Chat websites. Fraudsters use look-a-like websites in an attempt to add visual legitimacy to their illegal operations. Don’t swallow the sucker bait and lose your money! Together a few sites like these look good to the untrained newbie vehicle shopper! See the Who Is Record for this domain, which was probably registered with someones stolen credit card. Note the Difference…

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Police Nab Crooks From Organized Cyber Crime Ring

Romainian Scammers Busted

70 Internet Scammers Down and sitting in the clink. Now we need to get the rest of the wanna be scammers that will soon take over! In other words don’t let your guard down and fall for another scammers bait.  As long as consumers believe there is a vehicle in mint condition, with free shipping, and offered for half of it’s book value, these scams will continue! We can put the remaining scammers like these out of business if we quit swallowing the sucker bait! More info HERE and HERE. …

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