The Time To Inspect Is BEFORE Winning An Auction

Buyer Won eBay Motors Car Auction Then Want's After The Fact Inspection - Listing

If you are planning on buying a car on eBay Motors, the time to do your homework is before bidding and winning an auction. Most dealers are used to having inspections done and working to finalize their sale. But a private seller just want’s to be paid after his listing ends and that’s it. This guy won a 2006 Subaru WRX and decided he wanted the seller to take it to a dealer for an inspection after the fact. Seller does not agree and files an unpaid item strike against…

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OEM Car Parts On eBay Might Be Chinese Knockoffs

Deutschepartsusa eBay Item 150608919226 Porsche 928 Liquid Filled Motor Mounts - OEM Finish

Would you buy OEM Parts on eBay Motors for your Porsche? According to this buyer, he had emailed the seller before purchasing, and claims his seller lied in an email saying that the Motor Mounts for a Porsche 928 were indeed True OEM Porsche Parts. Apparently not. The buyer is claiming the mounts are Cheap Chinese Knockoffs! The eBay Motors description clearly said NEW OEM.. That was the Products Finish.. 🙄 eBay Buyers should use to quickly scan a high volume sellers Negative and Neutral Feedback. Which this sellers…

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eBay Motors Directors Of Misinformation Poor Advice

eBay Directors Of Misinformation

Doc observed this post on eBay’s Motors Discussion Board this morning from a buyer that apparently bought this 2010 Ford F-150 Pickup truck from a private seller, and was asking for advice how to pay for it and receive the title. One of the discussion board community support members told the guy to be sure the vehicle was titled in the eBay sellers account holders name. Talk about misinformation! What does having the title in the eBay account holders name have anything to do with proving who owns the vehicle?…

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Why Don’t eBay Motors Have An Android Phone App

ebay motors android app

It’s November and the deep south is finally cooling down. Thanksgiving will soon be here, and of course the mad rush to start this holiday seasons Christmas shopping is upon us again. First off, I should admit that I erred on a previous posting where i stated “John Donahoe claims his iPhone app sells 2600 Cars Daily. He actually said it was 2600 Cars Sold in a WEEK. Oops.. I Goofed! The old saying “Crap Happens” definitely applies here.. 😆 BUT! Even at 2600 Cars Per Week at $125 (private…

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eBay Deadbeat Bidders It’s NOT SOLD Until It’s PAID

eBay Motors Deadbeat Car Bidders A Car Is NOT Sold Until It's Paid For!

eBay considers a Car SOLD when it’s auction ends with a winning bidder, or someone hits the BUY NOW Button. In the real world a vehicle is not sold until the deal is done and paid for! eBay advertises a FREE Car Listing on eBay Motors. If it sells pay only a successful transaction fee. On the average that successful transaction fee is $125. Which is a fair deal if the automobile transaction is successfully closed and paid for. “But from what i have personally experienced and read on eBay’s…

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eBay Removing Archived Dirty Laundry Forum Posts

eBay Pinkslap Award

It seems that eBay is hell bent on keeping it’s members thinking they are safe, by controlling the discussions on their community forums Recently there have been reports of pulled current topics and posts, with the poster receiving the famous “eBay pink slap” and even permanent discussion posting banishment. Rather than fix the fundamental problems with the website, eBay apparently prefers to hide (or attempts to hide) good information that would benefit both buyers and sellers, in the format of archived eBay forums discussion posts that were easily found by…

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Just How Much Abuse Can eBay Car Dealers Take

2004 Dodge Neon SRT4

Seller lists this 2004 Dodge Neon SRT4 that is fully loaded up with equipment, miles under 100K, and it sells for only $6900! Talk about a Steal Of A Deal! Car was sold at Manheim Dealer Auction and announced as having possible unibody / frame / core support damage. It’s a game the Dealers Play at the auctions, and the large dealers have the auction inspect the cars. If the auction finds a painted panel, a replaced bumper cover, or whatever, they sell the car with that announcement so the…

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Curbstoners Ruining The eBay Car Buying Experience

eBay Motors Curbstoner Peddling Open Titled Automobiles.

A Curbstoner AKA Title Jumper is an unlicensed car dealer peddling cars with open titles that may not be transferable. eBay has had a problem with curbstoners for a long time. Their cure was a VPP Exclusion that didn’t cover receiving a title, but not being able to transfer it. AKA The Curbstoner Exclusion On the leading automotive website, sellers can list 3 cars in a 12 month period, when they try to list a 4th car the system boots them off and gives them a link to become…

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Doc Interviews eBay Used Car Dealer About PayPal Chargeback

1963 Ford Falcon Convertible

This is a recorded phone call we had today with Bob from Ohio about this failed transaction on eBay Motors. Bob is a long time eBay Member that joined a year later than Doc did back in 1999. He got shafted several times by eBay as a seller, but this last time was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak. It involved a car dealership in Cannonsburg, PA. The dealer bought a decent old 60’s Ford Falcon from him, and paid the required $500 deposit by PayPal.…

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eBay Motors Blog With A “Nicer Than New” Cougar

Doc stumbled across NEW eBay Motors Blog earlier in the week. It’s a free blog software with a clean ad free theme. BUT he just had to comment on it’s featured vehicle this week. A 1967 base model Cougar that it’s owner says it’s “nicer than new.” I somehow have to disagree with that statement. The carpets are badly faded, it looks like over spray on the right door sill, and whoever painted the engine also painted the distributor and heater hoses Ford blue. Someone probably will be screaming…

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1954 Jaguar XK-120 Low Profile eBay Scam

1954 Jaguar XK-120 Cached Ended Page

Doc had been following this Jaguar auction last month after a bidder posted a question on the eBay Motors discussion board. The discussion was actually about a classic Mercedes 190-SL that the seller also had listed. The thread was quite active and even most of the regulars thought the listing was legit. The seller had also bought some European car parts on eBay Motors so it looked like a legit listing done by someone without a lot of eBay knowledge. Doc still smelled a rat in the woodpile! One of…

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eBay Motors Sellers Beware Of Buyer PayPal Fraud

Beware Of PayPal Advance Payment Scam Phishing Seller Scams

Seems nothing has changed in this advance payment scam department. Doc have seen so many attempted Private eBay Motors Buyer Scams it isn’t even funny. Scammers usually only prey on Private Sellers as they know the Dealers are well aware of their scams! This morning he received an email from a private seller of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. The official eBay Motors Auction Winner was attempting an Advance Payment Scam on the seller. The seller was smart and checked around to see if this was a scam or not before…

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FBI Warning eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection Fraud

eBay Warnings About VPP Fraud

I see the FBI IC3 has finally issued a fraud warning about Scammers hawking eBay Motors VPP Protection Scams. It appears that only after the FBI Issued their warning about eBay’s VPP being used by Scammers to defraud the general public on eBay Motors Itself, Craigslist and other sites, did eBay throw up a bunch of warnings, including one on the eBay Motors home page. They will only warn you about fraud after being forced to by other means. I know we have been reporting these type of scams since…

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Beware Of Scam eBay Motors Second Chance Offers

2nd chance offer scam

Beware Of Fraudulent eBay Second Chance Offers. Fraudsters are are alleged to gain access to eBay’s API. From the API they send fraudulent second chance offers on Legitimate eBay Listings. 🙁 Pay special attention to the verbiage of this scammers email that was sent to a bidder on this 2008 Volkswagen Jetta. If you receive one of these emails be sure to call the dealer or seller by phone to verify the legitimacy of the offer.

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eBay Employee Busted On Fraud Awareness Website

Are eBay's Ears Ringing

It’s interesting that someone behind eBay’s Corporate Network would be commenting on posts on this website. Though they usually go through a proxy server to hide their true identity. This commenter followed a link to one of our postings over from Cappnonymous forums (another thorn in eBay’s side) where someone posted a link to THIS POST we published a few months ago about a Harley Davidson that had it’s odometer tampered with. NetRange: – CIDR: OriginAS: NetName: EBAY-QA-IT-1 NetHandle: NET-216-113-160-0-1 Parent: NET-216-0-0-0-0 NetType: Direct Assignment RegDate: 2003-05-09…

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