Fraudulent Motor Vehicle Purchase Invoice From eBay

eBay Motors 2009 GMC Denali Purchase Invoice From eBay Motors

Here is a Fraudulent 2009 GMC Denali SUV that is being offered by eBay seller bob-dunn3235 item number 121100060535. This car scam works by suckering a Bank Wire Deposit from the victim. This scam will also steal your Identity when you call that fake eBay Motors toll free support line to verify your transaction! This video is living proof that the phishing scam is being OPERATED ON eBay Motors. If you fall for a scam like this your money will be gone in a New York Minute! eBay will delete…

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Suspected eBay Motors Internet Car Scams 04/29/2013


Here are our suspected eBay Motors scam listing for today. We start out with this 2011 GMC Sierra CK2500 4×4 Crew Cab Denali for only $28,900 221220607498. Next is this highly customized 2010 Jeep Wrangler Crawler for $29,000 321117068766. Note our Jeep scammer has also auctioned a Kubota front end loader 321111030939 and cancelled a slew of bids. Scammers appear to have the run of eBay Motors and eBay is doing nothing to stop them. When your online vehicle shopping, don’t fall for a too good to be true price!…

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Suspected Internet Car Scams for 04/28/2013

2009 Infiniti eBay 261207777570 JNKCV66E39M722717

Today we have several suspected scam listings on eBay Motors. Starting out with this 2009 Infiniti G35 Convertible 261207777570, next is a 2008 Audi A6 261206479512, and this really cool looking custom 2006 Custom Chopper Motorcycle 261206115298. Also note this currently running listing for a 2008 Mercedes S Class 130893957989 where the scammer is canceling bids like mad and trying to scam the bidders with eBay fake escrow. Talk about a data dump.. Stinks like dead fish is putting it mildly!

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Suspected eBay Agent VPP Scams For 04/27/2013

2008 BMW X5 Scam Listing On eBay Motors

More of the same old suspected internet car scams on eBay Motors today. Newly registered sellers auctioning late model vehicles for “too good to be true” prices. Folks don’t fall for a deal that’s too good to be true. Read Doc’s article “Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice” Link above. The Butt You Save might be Your Own!

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Suspected eBay Scam Toyota Tundra 4X4 $14,000

2013 Toyota Tundra 4X4 $14,000 SCAM

Here is your featured eBay Motors suspected scam of the morning. It’s a 2013 Toyota Tundra Crew Max 4X4 Pickup for a scamming best price at only $14,000. These scammers who appear to be registering new eBay sellers accounts nightly have the run of the place. One of our searches revealed a scammer that had achieved a feedback score of (-2) and is still going. Doc suspects these scamming eBay accounts are being set up with someones stolen identity and credit card. So far it appears that the scammers will…

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eBay Motors Scams By Belian4hunt 04/25/2013

eBay Motors ATV and Boat Scams

Today we take a video tour over to eBay Motors forums and review a post where an eBay member claimed he lost $9000 to a scam. eBay deleted one discussion where someone posted a slew of scam item numbers and fraudster email addresses but we were able to recover it from a Google cache of the page. It’s just more of the same old eBay motors car scams. It appears that eBay seller / scammer belian4hunt has been rather busy after registering on 04/06/2013 and has probably hooked several suckers. eBay…

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eBay Motors Internet Car Scams For 04/25/2013

Google Search Vehicles VIN To Find Out More Information

Here are two new suspected vehicle scam listings on eBay Motors today. The 1st is another handicapped equipped 2012 Toyota Sienna for only $24,500. Next is a 2011 Toyota Tacoma pickup for only $15,000. A quick Google search of these two scam listings VIN numbers reveals who the real owner is, and what the owners are selling them for. Folks don’t fall for a too good to be true low price! Read Doc’s article Internet Car Buying Tips. The Butt You Save just might be your own!

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Fraudsters Ripping Off eBay Handicapped Van Buyers

Beware Of Fraud Targeting The Handicapped and Disabled

Here are 2 eBay Motors handicap minivan scam listings. In both of these auctions scammers are selling wheelchair equipped mini vans, but the vans are NOT handicapped equipped, the fraudsters just used stolen photos. First is a fully loaded 2010 Honda Odyssey for an incredible price of only $18,000. Next is a 2012 Toyota Sienna LE for an incredibly low $15,800. If you fall for these frauds your money will be gone in a flash. Read Doc’s article Internet Car Buying Tips The butt you save might just be your…

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eBay Motors Internet Car Scams For 04/23/2013

2011 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 171028830170

Here are today’s suspected internet car scams on eBay Motors. We start out with this 2011 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, but the photos are of a Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. Do they have Palm Trees in Massachusetts?? I don’t think so! Next is this 2012 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class that is a SALVAGE Vehicle from Hurricane Sandy. Funny Experian Auto Check does not show any damage and proudly declares it’s title is CLEAR.. Oops! Folks don’t fall for a too good to be true car scam – your money will be gone in a…

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Infiniti QX56 On Hijacked eBay RV Dealers Account

General RV Centers eBay Account Hijacked (ATO)

Here is our 2nd eBay Motors scam vehicle for 04/22/2013 with a 2008 Maserati Quattroporte Executive GT tossed in for good measure. It looks like this scammer has hijacked General RV Centers eBay account and slid a couple of scam cars in with the dealers RV’s. I bet that RV dealer has no clue his account has been taken over (ATO). 🙄 Folks don’t fall for a scam like this. Read Doc’s Internet Car Buying Tips The butt you save may be your own!

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2012 Toyota Prius eBay Scam JTDKN3DP9C3001668

2012 Toyota Prius eBay Motors Scam 161012582629 JTDKN3DP9C3001668

Here is the eBay Motors “Steal” of the morning for 04/22/2013. It’s a gorgeous 2012 Toyota Prius with only 7,800 miles. It’s best scam priced by eBay seller nn.glz92 for only $14,500! Friends, don’t fall for a too good to be true price! Your money will be gone in a flash! Before attempting to buy a vehicle online, read my article Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice. The butt you save very well could be your own. 😉

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More Suspected eBay Car Scams For 04/21/2013

eBay Motors Vehicle Protection Program Overview

Here are a few more suspected blatant car scam listings on eBay Motors for Sunday April 21 2013. eBay loves to point the finger at Craigslist when it comes to car scams. But as you will see in this video, looks like there are plenty of scams on eBay Motors too. Today we have these fine automobiles showcased. 2009 Cadillac CTS, 2011 Porsche Panamera, 2008 Infiniti G35, 2004 Bentley Arnage, in what i like to refer to as “listings that stink like eBay dead fish” the RED FLAGS are popping…

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eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection Stalling Claim

eBay VPP Admin - Auction Insurance Agency Of Birmingham

This is an update to a video i produced on 04/01/2013. Buyer legitimately bought and payed the seller for this 1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. Once seller had buyers money that was the end of the communication. Buyer legitimately bought this car ON eBay Motors, and filed a VPP claim. But the claims administrator (Auction Insurance Agency of Birmingham) is stalling the buyer and so far has not paid this valid claim. My original article is here. Be sure and do your homework first before buying a car online. Read my car buying…

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Lexus IS350 Scam On eBay JTHBE262685021351

Beware Of An Unrealistically Low Price

We actually have a triple header vehicle scam video today. 1st is this 2008 Lexus IS350 that seller brentd.rendel99 is offering eBay motors community for only $8900! If you fall for this scam your money will be long gone! Watch the full video to see the other two, and the last one will really show how dumb eBay really is. Before buying any car online, read Doc’s article Internet Used Car Buying Tips.

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2008 Ford F-250 eBay Fraudulent Car Scam Listing

2008 Ford F-250 eBay Scam 190827531792 1FTSW21R28EC24949

Here is today’s eBay Motors Scam Listing. It’s a really nice 2008 Ford F-250 Pickup that’s exceptionally nice, and is scam priced at only $12,700! If you fall for this scam and email this scammer he will steal your money so fast you will be crying like a baby! Before buying any vehicle online, you should verify it’s legitimacy and inspect it’s physical condition. And do yourself a favor, read this article Doc wrote: Internet Car Buying Tips. The butt you save probably will be your own!

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