Search Alias Anomalies AKA Screwed Up eBay Search

eBay Cassini Search Gets 4 Thumbs Down!

The word is spreading near and far how mucked up eBay (Cassini) search is. Combine the already hosed up eBay search with eBay Motors Parts Compatibility and what a mess it is! From this eBay Motors discussion: Search Anomalies in eBay Motors Mar 28, 2013 12:22 PM We have been on eBay for a while now. And recently have experienced a decrease in traffic and sales. We have been endlessly attempting to keep ourselves comparative and also ensuring we list new products daily. However, today I discovered something quite strange…

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eBay CEO John Donahoe Made $29.7 Million 2012

EBay CEO John Donahoe made $29.7 million in 2012

EBay Inc Chief Executive John Donahoe received a total payout of about $29.7 million in 2012, according to a filing, an increase of about 81 percent over the previous year. Donahoe’s base salary was $970,353, according to a proxy filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday. His stock awards accounted for about $23.7 million and options awards total were about $2 million. EBay’s online marketplace, one of the largest in the world, has lagged behind the growth of e-commerce and Inc for several years. But under…

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PayPal Credentials For Sale On Dark Web

PayPal Accounts For Sale

An enterprising cyber criminal has opened an underground shop that peddles access to American PayPal accounts which are then accessible through an anonymous proxy service. “Webroot’s Dancho Danchev claims that the shop currently has access to 1,543 accounts along with an additional 14 sets of PayPal credentials belonging to British citizens. The prices vary from $20 for an account with a balance of $300 or so, to a static charge of $3 for accounts with no balance at all. However this criminal entrepreneur is establishing his or her prices, it…

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StupidToy99: eBay Customer Service Failure

Forum Shill AKA Sock Puppet

StupidToy99, I sincerely feel sorry for your loss. Unfortunately you are not the only one that has become a victim of, In my personal opinion, eBay’s sloppy unsecured system. Rarely has there been a day that Google’s safe browsing report has not found some form of Malware or Exploit on Complaining on eBay’s forums does not help, it just inviting abuse from the regular forum posters. eBay subs out their forums and moderation to a company called Liveworld in turn hires message board savvy people to act as…

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Whats Your Chance Getting Infected By eBay Malware

Feel Like Gambling?

Could you get infected with Malware just by visiting Doc read a motors forum discussion about eBay TRS StupidToy99 got a computer virus and was scammed. The fact is there are Malware Trojans and Exploits on It’s a well known fact among savvy internet users like myself. And it’s been this way for quite a long time. Cappnonymous produced this video about eBay exploits and malware on 10/12/2011, and according to today’s Google’s safe browsing report, it’s still an ongoing concern. Going shopping on eBay is somewhat like…

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Is eBay Malware and Exploits Infecting Other Websites

Google Safe Browsing Report For 02/01/2013

I was just looking at Google’s eBay safe browsing report. I’m no malware expert, but it appears if you just happen to land on one of those infected pages you will get infected too. Wonder if this had anything to do with this eBay Top Rated Seller that lost $8500 buying a car on eBay Motors? If you are using Windows XP 7 or 8, Microsoft’s Security Essentials is FREE and works fantastic. And as always, keep your Windows Updates Current. Diagnostic page for What is the current listing…

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eBay Permitting Employee and Friend Auction Bidding

What a team these two would make. J.R. Ewing and John Donahoe.

This is not specifically eBay Motors related, but since Motors runs auctions on Vehicles and Parts & Accessories Doc figured he would help spread the word. The buzz circulating in cyberspace about whats apparently being done to raise the eBay Inc bottom line in San Jose. What are the NEW guidelines? Restricted: Buying an item from someone you know, as long as you don’t intend to artificially increase its price or desirability or violate our Feedback manipulation or search and browse manipulation policies. Not allowed: Bidding on your own items…

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Mings Rule #1 eBay Lies, Always Has, Always Will

eCommerceBytes eBay Article

After thinking about AuctionBytes latest run in with eBay, I have to wonder. What is on that the Steiner’s blog that scares eBay so much? eBay must be seriously concerned about not only Ina Steiner and her eBay articles, but some of the comments must really strike a nerve at eBay Headquarters. There really is no other explanation other than the fear that some big media outfit or Federal agency will read something that peaks their interest, and start an investigation. And that absolute line of bull that eBay fed…

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eBay Is Still Shooting Bloggers And Messengers Open DNS Phishing Warning - eComerceBytes Blog Blocked!

If you read my last post, you already know that eBay accused the Steiner’s of AuctionBytes / eCommerceBytes of running a phishing website. If you missed the beginning, click here to read yesterdays post. This morning to get this Open DNS warning that is blocked as a phishing website. I’m saying to myself, Hmmmm whats going on here? I cleared my cache and cookies and rebooted, but got the same result. Back in 2007 Fire Meg said it best when he wrote a blog post titled: Is Vladuz The…

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eBay Accuses eCommerceBytes Of Phishing

eCommerceBytes eBay Article

eBay accuses The Steiner’s of running a phishing site. and are news sites that report on the eCommerce world. They have been around for what seems like a lifetime, reporting various changes within eBay and other eCommerce sites, and have good readership. Recently their web host received this take down notice from eBay Inc! Dear NTT America, Inc., We have just learned that your service is being used to display false or “spoofed” pages, apparently in an effort to steal personal and financial information from consumers, including…

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Plaintiffs Working Settlement In PayPal Holds Lawsuit

PayPal Holds Lawsuit Settlement

Online sellers who filed class action lawsuits against PayPal over the company’s practice of holding funds for lengthy periods have reached a tentative agreement to settle following successful mediation’s. The parties in Fernando v. PayPal and Zepeda v. PayPal are currently in the process of finalizing a written settlement agreement and exhibits, including proposed notice to the settlement class. A hearing on preliminary approval is set for June 12, 2012, with the motion for preliminary approval to be filed by May 8, 2012. While terms of the settlement are as…

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eBay Car Seller Worried About PayPal Charge Back

PayPal Funds Frozen??

Got a real lively topic going on the eBay Motors Forums. So far the topic has 100 replies and Doc is sure more will be piling up before it’s all over. This one is more entertainment than watching re-runs on TV. But i have a feeling eBay / Liveworld will likely pull it soon. Just in case we have made screen captures of all 5 pages to preserve the evidence so to speak. 🙄 It’s quite simple, eBay want’s you to believe your covered against Fraud when using PayPal. Sometimes that’s…

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Qinggen Wang Second PayPal Death In 2012

S-Shamini Death By Fall - PayPal Employee in Malaysia

Rumor is spreading about the suicide death of Qinggen Wang, PayPal’s principal software engineer. This is the second alleged PayPal employee suicide this year. Eric Salvatierra, a PayPal Exec of Palo Alto was alleged to have committed suicide back in March after being struck by a Caltrain commuter train. Doc wonders what’s going on at eBay Corp Headquarters? Are the working conditions at PayPal bad enough to convince someone to off themselves? Just seems strange that this is the second PayPal employee to suffer alleged depression related suicide this year.…

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George Zimmerman Donations PayPal TOS Violation

If you have not already heard about it, George Zimmerman put up a website and is asking for donations for his legal defense fund, and living expenses. Zimmerman wrote on his new website: “I cannot attest to the validity of the other websites.” It has been confirmed that the site is real and is operated by Zimmerman himself. Domain records show the website was created Sunday using a Private registration service, and is hosted on servers. Zimmerman is soliciting donations through PayPal with a promise that “any funds…

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PayPal Android iPhone Cross Account Scripting Glitch

Doc has read several comments on the web about a possible PayPal mobile app cross account scripting bug. Ever since the last major service interruption on 04/04/2012 when eBay members were unable to checkout with PayPal. There have been stories circulating about PayPal Red Flag Alerts after buyers were finally able to make eBay purchase payments. If this was not enough to worry concerned PayPal merchants. Now Twitter is buzzing with reports of PayPal mobile app users logging into their accounts only to find the account they were logged into…

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