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CEO Boasts eBay Sells 2600 Cars By iPhone App

About 2:00 into this video eBay’s CEO John Donahoe proudly proclaims eBay sells 2600 Cars via their iPhone app.

Well i guess that’s possible if it’s that easy to look at a car and click the buy now button. But i have to wonder if that is media hype, or even worse, how many of those 2600 Cars were Actually PAID For??

eBay Motors is famous for deadbeat bidders, and the bidders are not regulated or verified. How many teenagers are downloading that app after school and buying a Ferrari to impress a girl they want to get with?

How many Nigerians are buying cars with their iPhones and working sellers with their advance payment scams?

But i agree that eCommerce is quickly moving to a mobile format. This blog is also Android and iPhone compatible.

I just cant picture the small photos and squeezed in description to be worthy enough to buy a big ticket item like a car online, unless it was a new car and you had already done your research, and drove one and decided that’s was what you wanted, and were price shopping.

BUT.. Would you buy a Used Car online with only a smart phone?


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    How many cars can you buy in 6 hours? With a mobile app that is.


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