This Mustang GT Convertible was bought from a Florida seller about a year ago and shipped to Canton OH. ebay feedback extortionThe buyer is a collector car enthusiast, and as it usually is when you are in the car business it’s common to sell your driver and buy another.

This car was in fantastic condition and 100% rust free coming from Florida. My friend (a cancer survivor) drove the car for a year and in that time put 4500 miles on it. He told me a while back he sold it on eBay Motors and when i looked it up i couldn’t believe he gave it away for only $4350!

Talk about a steal of a deal – and the chances of finding one in that nice of shape with only 78,000 clicks (miles) and a 5 speed to boot would be nearly impossible – especially up in the rust belt. Toss out the cats and add an h-pipe with a set of flow-masters and what a sweet little street sleeper!

Soon after the sale the buyer nit picked the car to death and wanted $450 back or he would leave the seller Negative Feedback! Well sure enough when the seller didn’t cough up the extortion money the buyer gave him a neg. The seller received an email from eBay offering to remove the negative feedback if the seller paid up.

I say that’s absolute eBay BS! eBay knows nothing about cars and continues to kiss buyers behinds. eBay Motors needs a whole new policy for the vehicles. You can’t take eBay core policy and apply it to an old 18 year old car. Old cars are just that – old. I can assure you if i look hard enough i can find some kind of fault in a car like that. But for it’s age and mileage that car was in as nice of condition as they get!

Below is an interview with this cars seller including a voicemail message left by eBay support. eBay said if the seller gave the buyer money back they would remove the negative feedback, buyer left on sellers account.

Who wants to sell their car on eBay and get extorted for money back after the sale with eBay assisting the extorting buyer. eBay needs to stay out of vehicle transactions since they know nothing about cars. The support rep sounded like she was calling from India.

This raw deal is licensed car dealer demanding money back from private vehicle sellers. That’s what eBay has created by being pro buyer. 🙄

eBay Motors Sucks ~ What more can i say!

eBay Seller Bob-O-52 Sellers Feedback

eBay Seller Bob-O-52 1995 Mustang GT Convertible eBay Item 281111370864