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Porsche Panamera & Aston Martin Vantage Scam Auctions

It’s a stinks like dead phish eBay Motors Sunday, and here are our featured scams for 06/02/2013

We start out with this 2012 Porsche Panamera that is up for auction by kurt44irish that he will sell for $50,000 if you have CASH (161037944093). Next is this 2008 Astin Martin Vantage up for sale by chris444us that he will sell for $50,000 (161038009353).

And we go over this video report from TV news KTRK Houston TX about a fraudulent 2nd chance offer on this 2008 Airstream travel trailer (251249742243). It’s puzzling how scammers got this guys eBay contact info and tried to pull a second chance offer scam on a totally legitimate eBay auction.

I suspect some insider dirty phishing on this one. Otherwise just how can scammers gain access to that info if it’s not their auction?

Folks be sure to do your homework and verify the legitimacy of any internet vehicle that you can not inspect yourself.

I wrote this exceptional article called Internet Car Buying Tips Take the time to read it before going shopping for a vehicle on the internet. To be blunt and straight to the point – the ASS you save might just wind up being your own!

2012 Porsche Panamera eBay Motors Scam 161037944093 ~ Don't Swallow The Sucker Bait!

2012 Porsche Panamera eBay Motors Scam 161037944093 ~ Don’t Swallow The Sucker Bait!

Be sure to read our popular article “Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice” before committing to a vehicle sale anywhere on the net. The ASS You Save might just wind up being your own!

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