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LiveWorld Is Getting The Bums Rush From eBay

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The net is buzzing about this about eBay forum provider LiveWorld getting the bums rush.

It apparently was reported on yesterday and has spread like wildfire to other sites and forums.

Over the years, there have been numerous reports that LiveWorld heavily censored the boards, with some unhappy users accusing the company of spreading eBay propaganda and using “trolls” and “sock puppets” to target users who were too critical of the marketplace.

Many a forum has been dedicated to discussing liveworld’s moderation style. There is also a lot of speculation about who are  under cover eBay mods who contracted to liveworld to provide services to eBay.

Lots of allegations of forum seeding by eBay manager John Bodine, among other things.  Maybe eBay is planning on dumping the forums off of the site. Seems all the forums do these days is give eBay members a place to vent out their frustrations.

I guess getting rid of the forums is one way to stop all that noise!

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