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Suspected eBay Motors Internet Car Scams 04/29/2013

Here are our suspected eBay Motors scam listing for today. We start out with this 2011 GMC Sierra CK2500 4×4 Crew Cab Denali for only $28,900 221220607498.

Next is this highly customized 2010 Jeep Wrangler Crawler for $29,000 321117068766.

Note our Jeep scammer has also auctioned a Kubota front end loader 321111030939 and cancelled a slew of bids.

Scammers appear to have the run of eBay Motors and eBay is doing nothing to stop them.

When your online vehicle shopping, don’t fall for a too good to be true price!

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  1. David

    I just got scammed for $25,000 on eBay Motors. This was a boat purchase. My scammer did the fake invoice from eBay trick. The seller used an excuse that the boat belonged to his father who had died 3 months prior and did not need the boat. I didn’t realize at the time that eBay did not send invoices. I contacted eBay twice after winning the boat and before paying for it. My first contact asked them about the invoice requiring me to complete a wire transfer to a real bank. They told me not to worry about the transaction I would be covered under VPP. The second call to CS was after I had discovered that the same seller re-listed the same boat with the same description in a 2nd auction. CS just deleted the 2nd auction and allowed the first one that I had won to continue.

    The invoice requiring to wire the money to a bank account. Needless to say I have not received the boat.

    Ebay should require a seller to provide a form of government id. And I don’t believe that there is a requirement to post a VIN for a boat. I will never buy another thing from eBay.

    I notified them about another boat that there is no way can be real. See item #261207098364 and did not remove it.

    1. Doc

      David, I’m so sorry to hear that.

      I agree that eBay should require identification before allowing someone to set up ah account (possibly with someones phished credit card) and list an expensive item for sale. But eBay is in it for the $$ and has no regard for anyone other than themselves.

      If i am correct assuming the rogue sellers accounts are set up with someones stolen identity and credit card, eBay will verify the card is good. The scammer will have 30 days to scam as many victims as possible. At the end of the billing period eBay will bill that card on file for the fees.

      If the card was reported stolen and eBay does not get paid, they will turn the account over to collections. Someones credit score takes a dive, and that person may wind up having to pay eBay to get the act removed from collections.

      If my suspicions are true – eBay would be indeed profiting from fraud.


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