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eBay Motors Scams By Belian4hunt 04/25/2013

Today we take a video tour over to eBay Motors forums and review a post where an eBay member claimed he lost $9000 to a scam.

eBay deleted one discussion where someone posted a slew of scam item numbers and fraudster email addresses but we were able to recover it from a Google cache of the page. It’s just more of the same old eBay motors car scams.

It appears that eBay seller / scammer belian4hunt has been rather busy after registering on 04/06/2013 and has probably hooked several suckers.

eBay is not removing these scams or suspending the scam sellers.

I guess paying the CEO something like $30 Million in 2012 don’t leave much left over for needed security updates! 😆

eBay Motors is an absolute data dump and wreaks of dead fish smell!

Doc feels sorry for the legitimate sellers trying to earn a living from eBay Motors data-dump. All management is concerned with is themselves!

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