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eBay Seller YOURGMDEALER Just Got Another Neg

Another neg because the vehicle listed for sale on eBay Motors was not available.  I would think the Motors Team would teach these dealers how to properly conduct business on eBay.. Guess Not.. 😆



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  1. reader 0903

    Now up to 4 negs on 09-03-2009.

    Funny no mention of the abysmal FB rating & comments in any of the glowing PR stories flooding the web, isn’t it?

    Why are they even still there?

    Is it possible for either of them to get any worse?

  2. Doc

    eBay urges buyers to leave factual feedback about their buying experience without fear of retaliation by their sellers.. LOL!

    It is obvious that this eBay GM deal is set up just to harvest leads and sell cars OFF of eBay, while the rest of us must follow policy or be suspended!

  3. Dennis Petek

    may want to all take care of our-self a little bit more, this page simply emphasises the fact.


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