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StupidToy99: eBay Customer Service Failure

Forum Shill AKA Sock Puppet

Forum Shill AKA Sock Puppet

StupidToy99, I sincerely feel sorry for your loss. Unfortunately you are not the only one that has become a victim of, In my personal opinion, eBay’s sloppy unsecured system.

Rarely has there been a day that Google’s safe browsing report has not found some form of Malware or Exploit on Complaining on eBay’s forums does not help, it just inviting abuse from the regular forum posters.

eBay subs out their forums and moderation to a company called Liveworld in turn hires message board savvy people to act as moderators policing the community forums. There is a good chance that many of these posters are “shills” working undercover as a private individual. Often also referred to as Sock Puppets.

It’s also been rumored that Liveworld’s employees seed and steer conversations to their clients benefit.

John Bodine talks about eBay’s forum posters in this post. 🙄

eBay Customer Service Another Fail

eBay Customer Service Another Fail

Maybe one of these days eBay will quit trying to take over Amazon’s business and pay attention to their own customers and website. It’s all about Trust and Community that once made eBay the worlds largest marketplace.

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