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More Complaints About The NEW eBay Motors

What ever happened to the good old days of eBay Motors? Buyers and Sellers are complaining about the new and supposedly improved site!

Another eBay Member Who Does Not Like The Changes

Another eBay Member Who Does Not Like The Changes


  1. Jerry Melvin

    I thought these sites were all bogus until a situation like this happend to me. I have looked high and low for some type of help or direction. I stumbled onto a site where this guy explains what has gone wrong with ebay. Since reading this guys blog, I have found more and more people struggling with this issue. IF you care to read his blog, its

  2. steve smyrski

    I had a e-bayer bounce a check on me. I waited 6 days for the check to clear and sent him the merchandise. On the 7th day I got the check back with insufficiant funds. I went straight to the post office to have them stop delivery. They said the caught it just in time but it ended up mistakingly sent to the check bouncer anyway. The post office only said sorry. I notified e-bay but got the biggest run around ever. I couldn’t understand why this check bouncer could be allowed to still sell on e-bay without him making my deal straight. But i’m still out $340.00 and my merchandise! GO FIGURE!!

  3. lya1983wearsunderwear

    How did they get there?


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