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Another Experian Auto Check Salvage Blunder

Here is a 2005 Ford F-350 Lariat Diesel 4X4 that is a total loss vehicle

No Accidents LOL!

No Accidents LOL!

The seller is straight up that it’s a wreck. It’s also obvious from looking at the photos. Except the mileage is stated as having 10,500 miles. I bet he meant to say it has 110,500 by looking at the history report.

However the eBay Motors included Experian Auto Check history report is flying a “91 Score” It is also saying it’s never been in an accident. LOL!

For starters, just how does Experian come up with a Title Score of 91 on a truck with 4 owners? And over 100K Miles? Much less totally misrepresenting this truck as having a clean title?

What is going to happen is, someone looking for a fix-er-upper is going to go in and look at the photos, look at the history report, not read the sellers description, bid on it and wind up winning the auction. THEN find out it has a Salvage Title. The fur will end up flying big time, especially if the winning bidder puts up a deposit and the seller does not want to refund it. Angry buyer ends up Negging the seller. And of course eBay will not remove the unjust negative feedback.

I’ve seen this sort of thing happen many times. The whole idea of a history report is to provide accurate vehicle history.

eBay Motors & Experian Auto Check = The Blind Leading the Blind!

eBay Motors 2005 F-350 Lariat Salvage Vehicle 1FTWW31P95EA46491

eBay Motors 2005 F-350 Lariat Salvage Vehicle 1FTWW31P95EA46491

eBay Motors 2005 F-350 Lariat Sellers Description 1FTWW31P95EA46491

eBay Motors 2005 F-350 Lariat Sellers Description 1FTWW31P95EA46491

Wouldn’t you rather have a CarFax Report? CarFax is the industry leader in vehicle history reports.

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  1. Muriel Katz

    I just had to find a way to say “thank you” for publishing this extremely informative website. While looking for internet sites that sell used vehicles, I happened to remember that Ebay does this…and EVERYONE uses Ebay, right?! So, once there, I started scrolling down various pages, and finding what looked like ‘really great deals’. But I didn’t know why shipping costs were involved…and just didn’t feel comfortable about bidding on vehicles I’ve never seen in person…so I didn’t bid. THEN I happened to come across your website, and the info posted here have made me SO GLAD that I had listened to my instincts! Your site has taught me a lot! And I’m going to keep coming back to it in the future, too! Again, THANK YOU FOR THIS WEBSITE!


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