Odometer Fraud On Motorcycle eBay Denies Claim

This buyer purchased a 2007 Harley Davidson FXDB Street Bob with 6,222 Miles. It was even advertised as having LOW Miles. Buyer was a victim of Odometer Fraud!

The buyer went and inspected the bike and it drove well. Then paid the seller and took the title. After calling the local Illinois DMV to inquire about how to register it, the seller found out it was purchased as a repossession in 2009 with 18,772 Miles!

It appears eBay Motors has dropped Vehicle Purchase Protection on Motorcycles.

eBay Motors Motorcycle Odometer Fraud 250787498617 VPP Denies Claim!
eBay Motors Motorcycle Odometer Fraud 250787498617 VPP Denies Claim
eBay Motors Discussion About Odometer Fraud
eBay Motors Discussion About Odometer Fraud CLICK To Read Thread!

Meanwhile the buyer has stated that eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection denied the claim because it was a motorcycle, and not listed in the Passenger Vehicle or RV and Campers Section. Since when does a Camper have an odometer? The seller is laughing at the buyer and saying SUE ME!

eBay Motors just gets Sleazier Every Month!

5 Thoughts to “Odometer Fraud On Motorcycle eBay Denies Claim”

  1. Rob Simpson

    I bought a bike with low miles but a receipt for service with its owners manual showed many more miles. What should do? Seller does not respond to email.

    1. Doc

      Hi Rob, It all depends on the year and value of the motorcycle. eBay vehicle purchase protection only covers up to 10 years, and has many stipulations. Federal law also will exempt any mileage recording over 10 years old. Otherwise probably not a whole lot you can do, considering attorney costs could exceed the bikes value.

  2. Meredith

    I wasn’t trying to hide anything. I have nothing to hide.

    Thanks for your response.
    Meredith 🙂

  3. Meredith

    And if she had purchased it out the local paper … then who’s responsible? Why is eBay responsible whatsoever? The buyer AND seller were both in IL. She could have done a DMV check. eBay can’t protect buyers from being stupid. Just sayin’.

    1. Doc

      eBay Motors gives a buyer a false sense of security when buying on the site.

      That VPP Shield displayed on listing pages telling buyers that their covered by up to 50k Buyer Protection when the vehicle in question does not even qualify. That’s a SCAM within itself!

      Meredith, or whoever you are. It takes TRUST and Consumer Confidence to make a secure online buying/selling site. eBay has blown that big time, while relying on that Scam VPP Program to hook buyers. VPP has more holes in it than a piece of cheese!

      A FREE car listing that most likely will end up with a Dead Beat or Scamming Nigerian Buyer nets eBay $125 x however many times a newbie tries to sell the family sedan.

      Try getting some Car People to run that site and it might just have a chance. Just Saying, because you asked.

      Oh and.. Don’t you eBay Employees know that posting from work will tell on you? Using a Hotmail email address don’t hide the IP you are posting from..

      I thought I recognized that IP Address.. LOL!

      NetRange: –
      NetName: EBAY-QA-IT-1
      NetHandle: NET-216-113-160-0-1
      Parent: NET-216-0-0-0-0
      NetType: Direct Assignment
      RegDate: 2003-05-09
      Updated: 2003-10-17
      Ref: http://whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-216-113-160-0-1

      OrgName: eBay, Inc
      OrgId: EBAY
      Address: 2145 Hamilton Ave
      City: San Jose
      StateProv: CA
      PostalCode: 95008
      Country: US
      RegDate: 1998-11-02
      Updated: 2005-12-19
      Ref: http://whois.arin.net/rest/org/EBAY

      OrgTechHandle: EBAYN-ARIN
      OrgTechName: eBay Network
      OrgTechPhone: +1-408-376-7400
      OrgTechEmail: [email protected]
      OrgTechRef: http://whois.arin.net/rest/poc/EBAYN-ARIN

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