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Has Google Dropped eBay From It’s Index

Doc remembers not too long ago when we could Google up a vehicles Id number (VIN). It was an easy way to see where a scam car came from. Most of the scammers usually steal their vehicle info and photos from either a closed eBay listing, or from

Someone would come on the eBay Motors Discussion Board asking for advice because this car was priced so cheap.  A Google VIN search quickly determined who really owned the car. And many times the buyers had not already sent the payment by Western Union to the scammer, but unfortunately many times they already had been scammed.

Which brings me to the point of this posting. It looks like Google is no longer indexing vehicle ID Numbers from eBay listings. I decided to sample random vehicles from eBay Motors to run this test.  I believe if Google is not indexing the VIN i doubt they are indexing anything else in the vehicle description.

Here is an example of an eBay Motors Listing that just ended.  And here is the Google Search Results on it’s VIN. Here is another example. And the Google Results. Note there is indexing from an eBay listing service, but nothing from eBay itself.  Next i searched for 2008 Cadillac Escalade EXT AWD and one eBay result did pop up on the 4th page. And there were no sponsored links to eBay sellers vehicles.

Ina Steiner wrote this article about eBay placement in Google Search on 09/25/2008.  So what is going on behind the corporate scenes? Is there a feud going on between Google & eBay? eBay refuses to let their sellers accept Google Checkout saying it is not safe. Has Google lowered eBay’s search results to get even for that Boston Tea Party fiasco?

One thing is a fact – SEARCH IS Everything! If Google has reduced eBay’s visibility in it’s search, and add eBay’s messed up Worst Match Search it’s a wonder anyone is selling on eBay period.

Several of my associates have told me eBay Vehicle Sales have just stopped, It’s like someone turned the switch off. No emails, no phone calls, and very little visits on the page counters. Even the Exporters have quit buying off of eBay Motors. But sites like and are working great with lots of calls and emails from buyers around the world.

Times are bad enough now – the last thing we need is a corporate feud to bring sales to a grinding halt. If you have any information to share please add your comments below.


  1. Anonymous

    There is always the possibility that eBay’s default search being Best Match is working against Google visibility.

    The algorithm that Best Match is built upon is constantly undergoing changes and revisions.

    eBay decides to lower visibility for certain sellers, the algorithm changes. Ebay decides that sellers with a 4.3 in their DSR ratings will get reduced visibility, another algorithm change. On an on it goes as eBay punishes some sellers and rewards others, and
    each impacts the algorithm one way or another.

    Its possible that eBay has made such a mess of Best Match, that Google’s crawlers can not properly read what eBay is putting up in Best Match. The result, Google stops picking up eBay items because the algorithms are constantly changing so results are muddy.

    Google prides itself on the accuracy of their search results, and it is possible that eBays constantly changing algorithms make accurate results presented in Google next to impossible, so Google gave up trying rather than have their result quality polluted by eBay’s messed up system.

  2. DLegal

    I run an automobile search engine at and we import EbayMotors listings and display them within our search results. Our Ebay commissions have gone up a lot over the last few weeks and I couldn’t figure out why. After reading this article, I’m thinking that perhaps their organic traffic has dropped which would mean that the traffic we are sending them now makes up a greater overall percentage; and is leading to more sales then before.


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