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Don’t Feed The Romanian eBay Car Scammers

WISE UP there is NO Chevy Silverado with FREE SHIPPING for $2900!

“Instead of wiring your hard earned money to Romania, put your money back in the bank and watch this video!”

And while your here, read my popular article “Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice” link above. The butt you save just might wind up to be your own. 😉

Former eBay Motors PowerSeller and retired licensed Florida used car dealer with over 40 years experience in the business blogs about eBay. He shares helpful advice for motor vehicle buyers and sellers. Have questions or need help? Ask Doc!


  1. Don

    That was a very nice plug for you.

  2. Doc

    Yes it was.. I wonder what happened to his site? It was totally down for a while with another party holding the domain. It appears he got it back but returns a sql database error.

  3. wayne

    this vehicle is still ‘for sale’ in ca. thanks for the warning. ebay sales can be legit and the site offers advice to avoid being scammed.


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