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A Not So Common eBay Motors Scam Explained

This is not the usual run of the mill used car scam where the fraudster is plastering a BIG BUY NOW PRICE and Screaming Contact Me in the listing.

It actually looks like an amateur seller with a simple text description and 1 photo. An under bidder was contacted by the seller and offered a second chance offer. Lucky for that person, they asked for advice on the websites discussion board.

At least that’s one potential victim that didn’t get defrauded out of their money. But there are many more that fall into this scammers trap and loose their money!

The scammers are getting slicker how they work their scams.. So be safe and ask for advice here in Doc’s help forum before falling victim to a scam!

While your here, check out my popular article “Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice” Link below. The butt you save might wind up being your own. 😉


  1. Doc

    You will not be getting much help from the eBay forums. eBay has decided to shoot the messenger and suspend anyone that asks if an auction is a scam. eBay is a partner in the fraud as they make money on fraudulent listings!

  2. jim roberts

    the folks on the ebay motors forums are very helpful with spotting scam auctions. they sure know a lot about cars.

    1. Doc

      Sorry but a 2007 Honda Civic is worth a lot more than that.. That’s how there scams work, it’s the lure of something for practically nothing that tosses all common sense out the window. Most of these scammers are teenagers driving BMW’s, and working out of Internet cafe’s in Romania.


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