eBay Motors App has just launched for buying and selling motor-vehicles. The NEW motors app is a available for Android and iPhone phones and tablets. After downloading the ios version I’m impressed. Great photos and search functionality. 😉

eBay motors app
Check out the NEW and improved eBay Motors app updated to buy and sell cars on the motors niche venue

But why did it take eBay decades to release an app that worked for selling automobiles?

Doc has blogged several articles about the lack of vehicle functions in the previous versions of the motors app. This post is excellent for it’s 😆 factor. A buddy tried listing his Harley Davidson on the previous eBay Motors App and it wound up in the toys category.

ebay motors app
Looks like there is a bug here

Yep the app didn’t have the functionality to list motor vehicles. He was sent a nasty-gram from eBay support and his listing was ended for being in the wrong category.

And for several years there was no motors Android app. An iPhone app was offered but those with Android devices were up up the proverbial creek.

Bottom line here is. eBay for over a decade was trying to compete with Amazon. They were the top market for selling used merchandise that nobody could compete with.

But then CEO John Donahoe hated his marketplace flea-market moniker and set out to disrupt his community. It was all downhill from that point on.

Considering Amazon did not sell used cars Donahoe had nothing to compete with and pretty much ignored the motors niche venue. Scammers pillaged his used car buyers out of big money with phishing scams, agent scams, and untrustworthy sellers.

Wondering if fraudsters will be messaging sellers? I’ll have to keep an eye on the motors forum to see how this app works out. Oh well better off late than never i guess.