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Still No Android App For eBay Motors

It’s been close to a year since CEO John Donahoe announced eBay Motors offered it’s own specific iPhone app.Things were Great and you claim folks were buying cars like crazy with the EBM iPhone app.

Maybe I’m missing something here. But if eBay Motors was really selling 2600 Cars per week with your iPhone App. I would think you would have an Andriod eBay Motors App out by now. Must be just a bunch of typical eBay Marketing Hype. 😆

Of course in the real world when a car is SOLD it’s paid for and delivered. That’s not always true in eBay Motors where Deadbeat Bidders run amuck. But that eBay Till goes Ca-ching every time a deadbeat wins an auction or clicks some newbies BIN car listing.

eBay Motors Still NO Android App?

eBay Motors Still NO Android App?

 Hey.. It’s Only Money.. 😎

eBay Mobile Device Listings On eBay.con

eBay Mobile Device Listings On eBay.con Still NO Android Specific APP For eBay Motors!

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