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eBay Employee Layoffs as New Price Match Rolls Out

eBay layoffs cut it’s workforce by a so-called “single digit percentage” which may not sound like a lot. But even a single digit percentage is a lot when you have over 14,000 employees around the world. Apparently their bottom line is hurting! 🙄

eBay Layoffs 2018

News hit today as eBay started laying off a portion of it workforce

As the layoff word spread through cyberspace – eBay rolled out a new best price feature. The new feature offers a 110% price guarantee. It’s not clear yet who will pony up the difference if a better price is found elsewhere. Further info on eBay’s announcement page.

eBay 110% Money Back Price Guarantee

Today eBay is rolling out their NEW 110% best price guarantee. It’s not yet clear if the sellers will eat difference refunds

It’s Doc’s opinion this is another attempt to grab market-share at sellers expense!

In other words. As the once mighty ship is taking on water. Management is tossing sellers overboard in another attempt to save themselves. 😥

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