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Proctor MN DWI Chair Back On eBay For 2nd Time

It’s Back.. For a 3 Day Auction: 150385696050 This time eBay bidders must have a PayPal Account to bid. As of this posting it has 18 bids and is up to $1475.00.

TMZ reported last night that La-Z-Boy Corporate officials demanded eBay pull the listing because of a VERO rights violation.

TMZ Article Saying La-z-boy Demanded eBay Pull Auction For Copyright Infringement.

TMZ Article Saying La-z-boy Demanded eBay Pull Auction For Copyright Infringement.

So it this is true – someone has a used la-z-boy char and want’s to sell it – they can not use the word la-z-boy in it’s description. That really sucks!

Here is the La-Z-Boy Website and there is a contact email listed HERE in case anyone wanted to send their thoughts to the company.

Updated 11/03/2009, 1:10 PM Eastern Time..

After doing some more research i found out this is apparently not an authentic la-z-boy chair.  However there are discussions about it all over the net.  Including a few on eBay’s discussion forums: HERE HERE HERE, HERE.

According to the, La-z-boy fired off a fax to Proctor Police Chief, Walter Wobig, who called La-z-boy and agreed not to refer to it as a La-z-boy in the future, and was wished good luck with his auction.  But apparently Wobig could not get in contact with eBay who pulled the listing for a VERO complaint. Read stars article here.

It’s up to $2800 so far with 2 Days & 7 Hours to go. Any bets whether the seller will get paid or not? LOL!

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