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Autographed Photo La-z-boy DWI Chair Owner Builder

While the Proctor MN PD’s auction is going strong on the power chair, it’s up to 37,300.00 with 88 bids so far with 3 days to go (I wanna see the check when it’s over!). It appears that the police chief himself is busy answering the questions on the listing.

Now the chairs convicted DWI ex owner has an auction for an autographed photo up for auction on eBay. Item number:280416805135 As of this posting that auction is up to $405.00. I wonder if he will get paid?

It’s a known fact that anyone can sell just about anything on eBay, but getting paid is another.. eBay will bill both of these sellers whether they get paid or not, eBay always wins! LOL!

Autographed Photo Of La-Z-Boy DWI Owner Proctor MN

Autographed Photo Of La-Z-Boy DWI Owner Proctor MN

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  1. cc3222

    Mr. Anderson did not build the chair. He bought it at the NHRA nationals at Brainerd in August 2007.


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