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eBay My Vehicles System How NOT To Find Car Parts

eBay wastes Big Money on a full page ad in Hot Rod Magazine (print publication) But errors on site url telling consumers page not found.

According to this eBay Motors discussion board poster. Spend who knows how many mega bucks on print advertising, only to have the motors URL on the full color Hot Rod Magazine page bumbled.

Actually the URL itself was not bumbled by Hot Rod Magazine. The web developers somehow direct indexed the www, instead of using as the main url and indexing the www as the [Cname] alias like they should have. ๐Ÿ™„

eBay Motors "My Vehicles" Page Not Found Error

eBay Motors “My Vehicles” Page Not Found Error

Then after the eBay member finally found the correct web address for the NEW My Vehicles Application through a web search, they were presented with thousands of pages of Generic Junk SPAM, instead of the parts they were looking for.

eBay Motors Discussion Board Thread (soon to be pulled) About How SCREWED UP My Vehicles Is!

eBay Motors Discussion Board Thread (soon to be pulled) About How SCREWED UP My Vehicles Is!

Here’s to ya Jake! ๐Ÿ™‚

This article is perfect for it’s LOL Factor. What a huge waste of Shareholders Money this was. But what else could anyone expect coming fromย  CEO John Donahoe! ๐Ÿ™„


  1. jeep wrangler seat covers

    Hi Ebaymotorssucks,
    I take your point, My husband saw a car for sale on ebay tonight while looking for a new car alarm system. The car was a 2006 entry-level luxury vehicle, listed for an extremely low price (under 1K). The description stated that the car had been in an accident but had been refurbished. The seller has an excellent rating with several pages of feedback.

    My husband would like to know whether a) anyone here has ever purchased a car off ebay (we have not) and b) this seems too good to be true (seems like it to us). He doesn’t want to buy the car, he’s just kind of curious.

    1. Doc

      It’s been 16 days since this article was published, and eBay still has not fixed that bungled url.

      The stupidity of this outfit is simply amazing! ๐Ÿ™„


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