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Docs 2012 Year End Roundup eBay Motors Still Sucks

Reports of my death after being held captive at the Utah, eBay Draper Terror Center and confinement camp are false.

eBay Motors Deadbeat Car Bidders

Sport Bidding On eBay Motors!

I managed to escape after bribing an eBay Guard with a knock off Rolex Watch i bought on eBay from a Chinese seller (he swore it was real) ๐Ÿ˜†

When i escaped, eBay still had Cappnonymous locked up, and were bombarding him 24/7 with old Nazi films. I guess he didn’t have anything to bribe the guards with since eBay suspended his account, and PayPal seized his funds.

So i recon it’s about time for a quick blog post to keep the site halfway current, and not looking abandoned. After touring the usual forums and blogs, etc, I see it’s just about the same old sleazy eBay as ever.

So here is whats new since my last post. It’s still mostly old news – same old whining about getting screwed etc. Just different sellers and buyers complaining about the same old stuff, but with a few new twists.

Here is someone that bought a collector Corvette with 44,000 Miles, but the title said 144,000 miles.. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

eBay Motors - You Get FUCKED Here - Just Like At Home! LOL!

eBay Motors – You Get FUCKED Here – Just Like At Home! LOL!

Nothing has changed in this sleaze pit. And the alleged eBay shills and sock puppets in the company fish bowl ridicule the guy until he leaves the discussion, then the buyer is called a Seagull, as to hurl the final insult to the guy that was allegedly FUNKED by eBay and the Seller!

I see eBay Negatives Blog has not been updated since last summer. is still up, eBay has a glowing 6.7% feedback rating. Ole Crazee New York Driver is still video blogging away on YouTube. Meg Whitman’s Blog is still up.

And Firemeg is still posting anti-eBay sentiment. #1 Cause of Viruses & Trojans on Home PC’s? …eBay! Seller T.J.ELECTRONICS1 apparently went belly up at Christmas. Never did read about it anywhere, but has all the signs of a major holiday screwing!

Seller tjelectronics1 feedback

Docs 2012 eBay Roundup includes this seller that went out of business at Christmas hundreds of buyers left negative feedback.

Ina Steiner is blogging about eBay inserting other sellers ads on completed item pages, and apparently has taken on another blogger. And PayPal is still seizing sellers money and is drawing lots of complaints as usual.

And.. John Donahoe.. Still does not have an Android App for eBay Motors!

John Donahoe Don't Have An eBay Motors Specific Android App!

Hey John Donahoe.. Where Is That eBay Motors Specific Android App You Were Working On Last April?

Oh well.. Another Day.. Someone Gets It Up The Wazoo On eBay! ๐Ÿ™„

What is it about eBay that so many people hate it? I guess that’s a stupid question, but I’ve not had enough coffee today.


  1. Cappnonymous

    Wow here’s the latest from PSU

    62,837,068 listings

    -1843404 auction listing down from yesterday

    -2.85% February 18, 2012 4:06 pm

    When they started dropping the other night it was around 147 million there

    LMAO !!!

    1. Doc

      And the stock is way up despite the down listing count. I have a feeling eBay Investors will need a change of underwear soon.

      eBay is another Enron looking for it’s chance to become famous.

      eBay Listings Down 90 Million - Stock Is Way Up - Figures!

      And don’t forget folks: Safe Browsing Diagnostic page for Courtesy of Google.

      What happened when Google visited this site?

      Of the 85031 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 13 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2012-02-18, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2012-02-15.

      Malicious software includes 6 scripting exploit(s).

      If you must use eBay – Be sure your anti virus definitions are up to date. And a recent backup is recommended.

    2. Doc

      All Time eBay Listing Chart Courtesy Of Medved

      Anyway you look at it, this is the BIGGEST eBay listing drop ever.

      I wonder what’s up with that? Did one of Donahoes Chinese Diamonds tell him to stuff it?

      The eBay shills on Yahoo Finance discussion board are in full deny and discredit mode. LOL!

      Let us know if you hear anything.

      1. Doc

        Apparently this is indeed another eBay Glitch. According to eBay’s Pet, Ina Steiner, it is something broken on eBay’s listing stats.

        We received quite a few emails in the past several hours referencing a thread on eBay discussing eBay’s falling listing counts over the past several days – down from roughly 141 million listings to about 70 million listings. First off, the listings haven’t dropped. They’re still there, they just aren’t being counted properly by the auction tracking sites that people are looking at. Of course, it’s not really the fault of these sites, since eBay isn’t counting them properly either.

  2. Cappnonymous

    That’s around 70-80+ MILLION listings depending on which chart you look at. Most of them evaporated practically overnight. My guess is they are changing the way they count the listings. Maybe they are trying to manipulate the STR? (which is below 10% in some cats.)

    If there were some big Boycott or pullout from the big boys, I think we would have seen some press about it somewhere. But let’s put it this way, if those are accurate figures ebay may have some big truouble on their hands. It does seem odd though that the so-called industry leaders are all mum about hings. Seems like a major event to me.

  3. Cappnonymous

    Hey don’t pay the ransom! I’ve escaped!

    As for ebay, it’s only getting more sleazy by the day! OMG is it ever!

    Have you seen the ebay listing count charts lately? Go look at PSU and at medved. They’re dropping like a rock. Not sure what to think about it but it sure smells funny. Another funny thing is that everyone seems to be ignoring it. Do they think no one will notice it? My oh my there are a LOT of elephants in the room with ebay.

    1. Doc

      Medved eBay Listing Chart Feb 2012 – Down 100,000 And Still Falling!

      Wholly Shiz.. That’s a serious drop in eBay listings. Something like 100,000 or so. I wonder HOW LOW it will go? You can bet Don-Da-Hoe is scrambling to falsify the numbers before his investors see it!


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