Ho Ho Ho.. Merry Christmas From eBay Inc

Nothing like those eBay Deadbeat Bidders ruining the sellers eBay Experience. 😥

There Is Nothing Like Them Thar eBay Deadbeats Bidding On Your Car!
There Is Nothing Like Them Thar eBay Deadbeats Bidding On Your Car!

18 Thoughts to “Ho Ho Ho.. Merry Christmas From eBay Inc”

  1. Doc

    Looks like it’s all over. 618 NEGS in 30 Days.

    Seller t.j.electronics1 finally NARU on eBay.

    I feel sorry for all those buyers that had their Christmas ruined over this.
    (Commenting about the feedback remarks that tell the story about a holiday screwing)

    Oh well.. I hope eBay and PayPal does the right thing and refunds the buyers money.

    But regardless.. Everyone try to have a Merry Christmas and Shop Smart. Lots of scammers preying on the naive this holiday season!

    t.j.electronics1 eBay seller NARU 618 Negs in 30 Days.

  2. Doc

    I find it interesting that nobody is commenting about t.j.electronics1 anywhere else on the web that I could find. eBay is using every international site in their domain portfolio to spam Google results.

    Could PayPal have frozen this sellers funds? Seller might have just thrown in the towel and said screw it.

    Too many negs flying for nothing being discussed elsewhere!

    There was another seller here in the states that fell for a scam, selling for a business associate or something like that. Pregnant mom or single mom, there was a huge thread about it on T&S a few months back. I’m sure eBay is well aware of that scam as well as the others that are working this holiday season.

  3. Anonymous

    And the beat goes on… this time from down under

    Unhappy Christmas: $1120 for an empty box through eBay
    Asher Moses
    December 20, 2011


    […] An eBay spokeswoman said this type of scam was “not common on eBay” but refused to provide any further evidence to back this up. […]


  4. Doc

    Negs are up to 614 and Still Going.. 😥

    Still Going!


    Anyone wanna wager how high those negs will get before eBay NARU’s the seller??

  5. Anonymous

    They obviously had the ability to shut that down sooner, deny payments made to the seller and/or proactively issue refunds before it got ugly. The only reasonable conclusion a person could draw is that they need the money so bad they don’t care who or how many people get the shaft. They’re probly hoping that a certain a mount of victims won’t file for refunds.

    What was Donahoe’s idiotic quote at the “thought leader” thing? Something like “We had to confront some sacrificial cows”

  6. Doc

    Still Going.. 😳

    The Energizer Bunny has nothing compared to eBay seller t.j.electronics1

    597 NEGS in 30 Days and still going.. going.. going.. 😥


    This has got to be the biggest eBay screwing of the year! Hopefully eBay and PayPal refunds all the buyers. 🙄

    Notice how eBay is keeping the DSR ratings high as not to alert anyone to the problem.

  7. Anonymous

    Ummm… because the forums are completely fake?
    Three or 4 years ago there would have been a big-azz uproar. Not now.

    Look how many time Bodine says ‘ecosystem’ in his forum con-job 2011 videos. It all fake. Even probably most of the people who seem to be anti-ebay or complainers. They have to make it look real. Just like all-star wrestling for example. fake fake fake, but people still fall for it.

    Those people wouldn’t dare say anything that might make for less traffic to that slimehole.
    Did you see that thing when paypal tried to rob the kids? Not only that but they froze accounts from everyone under the sun this past year. Word gets around. Everyone knows ebay and paypal sucks hairy monkey nards.

    One other thing, no one cares. There’s no outrage maybe because nobody gives a damn about ebay anymore. I hope John Bungleho is paying attention since he’s the one that said they’d be worried if there wasn’t any noise.

    You want a good way of knowing just how fake things and overblown things are? Go to goofbay and enter anyone’s user ID into it. Their stats are so low you wouldn’t believe it. “Cheerleaders”, diamond sellers, typical users. They are all hurting. For the most LOLs, enter the biggest cheerleaders and ebay education specialists. OMG I’m dying of laughter looking at some of those numbers, then comparing them to the people’s statements about their “success” hahahaha

    Just like the alleged 6500 car sales from cell phones. Fake! Lies! Con job!

  8. Doc

    It’s Interesting that i didn’t see a peep about this apparent holiday screwing on either eBay’s Seller Central or Buyer Central boards. Something this big should have a huge discussion going.

    Could eBay be deleting posts and sanctioning posters who discuss this sort of thing on eBay’s boards?


  9. Anonymous

    Ebay just let that t.j.electronics1 scam go on forever because they needed the money. If it would have been anyone else they would have stopped them pronto.

    I hope everyone who got scammed files criminal charges against the seller, ebay and paypal. Doesn’t matter whether you got a refund or not. It’s part of a bigger crime. Ebay and paypal hold culpability because they had the chance to stop it much sooner. They profited by not stopping it. It also shows a clear and continuing pattern of fraud.

    Anyone reading this, make sure you mention that when filing your reports, as well as the fact that hundreds (maybe thousands by the time it’s all said & done) of others were also scammed.

  10. Doc

    Don’t look like Hewlett Packard is doing good either.

    The Negs are piling up.. 😥


  11. Sandy P. Quibbles

    Wheeeeee! I love it! I’ve been looking for one of those forever. It is after all ebay compatible. I’d like to order a dozen just to be safe. I will name them Vladuz, #1 through 12. Do you take paypal, the world’s most loved way to pay?

    Oh too bad about those scam victims. Guess they weren’t paying attention. Everyone knows ebay is a scam, yes. But they agreed to be scammed when they signed up. Ebay is “just a venue”. What did they expect?

    Ho ho ho indeed!

  12. Anonymous

    That thing is disgusting!

  13. Doc

    Hehehehe.. Nothing like a few LULS during the holiday season. 😆

    I set up another Amazon account and got FREE Shipping with a Trial Amazon Prime membership. Jeff Bezos gives everyone 30 Days to try the his Prime membership, just cancel before the 30 days is up and Pay NOTHING: http://www.amazon.com/gp/prime

    Sure beats getting your pants pulled down and drove home by eBay!

    Ho Ho Ho.. Merry Christmas.. From the DonaHoHoHoHo.. 😉

  14. @ John Donahoe

    While I seriously question that your post is genuine and authentic,
    I’m sure the Admin here knows whether the post came from a bonafide ebay IP, but I’ll play along.

    I find that statement along with ebay/paypal’s actions/inactions policies to be at fault.

    The fault being incongruous application of policies. While you are limiting selling abilities and freezing funds of little old ladies selling skeins of yarn and freezing their funds, how could you possibly not be aware of this issue?

    Furthermore, don’t you owe it to your beloved community to alert them to this, perhaps on your announcement board, community forums, or any number of PR machinations at your disposal?

    This is no small issue.
    You owe your users and the public at large a real explanation. You owe these victims a swift refund and a sincere apology, along with a mea culpa.

    I strongly urge and beseech you to act quickly.

    Happy Holidays

  15. Neither Ebay or PayPal is liable for intentional seller fraud.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I suggest if you are a victim of this sellers fraudulent transactions on Ebay, It’s best to contact your credit card company for advice.

    Thank you for using Ebay.

    John Donahoe

  16. Anonymous

    Wow this thing could be huge! There might be as many as 6047 victims:
    Items for Sale by t.j.electronics1 (11699)

    The negs are rolling in left and right!

    If you search the email address given in feedback comments “[email protected]” it points to an entity: “sheng2002us” with an ebay ID, youtyube channel hawking cellphone…

    Where, oh where have I heard that name before?

    Reminds me of ebay’s golden “no touchy” powerseller/proven shill bidder!

    What a scam!

    oh ya, there was one other little thing I thought was funny. I tried to mention this at another ebay blog, I guess they don’t want anyone knowing about it though since they didn’t allow the comment. Seems odd.

  17. Ho ho ho

    Check the feedback profile for seller t.j.electronics1
    Near 400 negs in 30 days, for some pricey stuff too.
    That’s some epic scamming! Wow!!!
    I’m wondering if ebay and paypal will be paying all those victims back?

    1. Doc

      Oh My.. Looks like a lot of buyers will not have presents under the eBay Christmas Tree! 😥


      Ho Ho Ho ~ From eBay and John Donahoe! 🙄

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