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Another Holiday Phishing Scam Website Exposed

It’s the Holiday Season and Fraudsters are working hard to try and steal your money. This consumer was smart and asked about a suspected fraudulent website on eBay’s Motors Discussion Board. Most of the regulars are quite net savvy, but one did claim the site in question was indeed legit!

Also Internet Scammers Blogged about website as being a scam yesterday. And a website Who Is look up shows the domain was registered on 10/22/2011. 

Folks Just Remember: These SCAMMERS are PROS at what they Specialize In – STEAL MONEY From People that believe there really is a Pot Of GOLD at the End Of The Rainbow!

Don’t let some Scammer ruin your holiday season by conning you out of your money!

eBay Motors Forums Discussion About

eBay Motors Forums Discussion About Screen Capture Screen Capture Who Is Lookup Who Is Lookup

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  1. allan

    the same scam on for a 1971 Chevrolet Camaro using this site they ask me to send the money to a bank account in UK

    Bank Name Barclays Bank PLC
    Bank Address Churchill Place 1 ,E14 5HP, London, United Kingdom
    Company Name e-Business Trader LTD
    International Bank Account Number ( IBAN# ) GB91BARC20297713303640
    Sort Code# 20-29-77
    Swift Code# BARCGB22
    Additional Instructions include the Tansaction ID # 1100385020 on the wire transfer

    After you will send the payment to e-Business Trader please fax or email the transfer receipt to
    e-Business Trader Payment Department
    1430 N 130th St
    Seattle, WA 98133
    United States
    FAX# 206-350-4893
    E-mail: [email protected]



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