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Is eBay Trying To Shoot The Messenger Again

This Website Supports Freedom Of InformationHad some severely degraded server performance that started Saturday around noon.

“Images that normally loaded lightning fast were loading at what looked like an old 300 baud modem speed. Trying to download a recent backup file was impossible as it was so slow it timed out.”

Come Sunday it was still degraded. So i put in a support ticket with the server host and went to church. That afternoon the system was regaining some of it’s speed, but still was acting sluggish.

My webhost does not want to say what hop 17 in a packet loss test was, but it’s still there as of this posting. But it’s looking like a firewall put into place to diffuse rogue traffic.

It’s beginning to look like my performance issues was caused by another DDOS  attack, targeting a downstream node just before my server.

The whole idea of this website is to reach out and connect with internet vehicle buyers and sellers. Too many good people getting scammed on internet car purchases. Vehicle sellers are being threatened and extorted out of money by bad buyers with eBay’s good graces.

The public needs to learn how to protect themselves when car shopping on the net and that’s what this website is all about. Trust and community used to be the corner stone of this company, it’s sad to see it sinking to this level of distrust.

It’s not my fault that eBay Inc refuses to secure their website, and has allowed the malicious fraud and misrepresentation that has documented for over a decade.

This in not the 1st time the site was attacked. In July 2011 this site was hit real hard with this ddos attack. I have learned a lot about protecting a website and especially SEO since then.

This website is protected by CloudFlare a web DNS and content delivery system. My advanced web firewall is showing a slew of fended off attacks that included SQL injection and XSS attacks to attempt inserting malicious scripts into the sites pages.

eBaymotors sucks full details of an attack

This screen shot shows the details of a recent attack

cloudflare attacks

cloudflare attacks

And here are the filters needed to protect this website - and the number of attacks each one has fended off

And here are the filters needed to protect this website – and the number of attacks each one has fended off

If anything eBay should be glad I’m doing my part to protect consumers. 😉


  1. Dan C

    Looks like Ebay changed their outage policy. From what i read it looks like no more credits.

    “eBay’s highest priority is our members’ trading success. There are many events, from natural disasters to power outages that can disrupt bidding and finding on eBay. If a lengthy outage occurs, information about the outage will be posted on the Announcements Board.”

    1. Sam

      Gotta love those idiots in charge!

  2. Sam

    I find it amazing the PRO-Ebayers come to this forum and dont use their names….and are they acting on behalf of ebay or are they just “rogue” employees, or ebay cheerleaders so to speak?…It kinda all boils down to freedom of speech and censorship on their part…One would think they would want to be pro-active and have a clean respectable sight and would want to weed out the bad buyers and sellers, but ,sadly they dont…as they prefer to sanitize their own discussion boards, members feedback and then suspend members for just discussing how bad things have gotten…It is a bunch of pc geeks being told what to do and think by management, who only care about being what they think is pc correct…I’ve been around a while, ,but I have seen companies like this come and go and sooner or later their deck of cards will come crashing down….And dont even get me started on paypal, which is basically a money transfer service, but now takes buyers and mainly sellers money at will with no chance of being able to present their side of things or know if when they do who reads it and the like….Sellers own the merchandise, and it should be up to them to resolve problems, not a money service ,who DOES NOT own the merchandise…it is all about fees and charges with paypal, it is not about true and fair customer service.

    1. Sam

      Meant to say “a respectable site”…Need more coffee!

      1. Doc (Post author)

        Wait until the new #eBay defects policy starts whacking more small sellers. I read somewhere a seller can get a defect rating just from a buyer contacting them after the sale. So much for an attaboy contact for “thanks for a great transaction.” Those fanboys that get sent home crying will have other choice things to say.

  3. Team Ebay

    Joseph DeMarco and Scott Henshaw have a surprise coming for you KOON! you can kiss this scam website goodbye when we are done with you!

    1. Doc (Post author)

      Hmmm.. Looks like when I shook that eBay motors tree a couple of fanboys came falling out. LOL!


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