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Green Dot MoneyPak Scamming Internet Car Shoppers

Fraudsters are now using Green Dot Moneypak for payment on non-existent vehicles

Green Dot Moneypak used to scam car buyers

Green Dot Moneypak used to scam car buyers

Recently a Millersville man thinking he was buying a 2002 Ford Explorer for $2000 fell victim to this scam.

From Lancaster Online: “A Millersville Borough resident fell for an online scam, paying $2,000 for a used SUV owned by an Army National Guard member in Utah and getting nothing, borough police said.

The victim, who lives in the 100 block of Manor Avenue, responded to a Craigslist ad for a 2002 Ford Explorer.

He exchanged emails with the seller and was told to purchase $2,000 in Green Dot Moneypak cards and give the seller the cards’ redemption codes.

The Kelley Blue Book value for a 2002 Ford Explorer is close to $4,000.

The victim was told he was making the payment through an Ebay Motors escrow account, which would hold the money until the vehicle was delivered. The victim received an official-looking receipt marked “Ebay Motors.”

The victim provided the codes on May 14 and then heard nothing.

Folks don’t get taken for an expensive ride. Watch this video and be sure to read my article “Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice” Link under this video. And sorry to be blunt BUT the butt you save might just wind up being your own!


  1. Bea

    My friend almost got scammed by someone selling a 1999 toyota 4runner for $1,500. Sent an invoice from ebay motors with instructions to buy green dot cards and then send card information and receive by fax. I google the seller address and nothing came up. So I started to do a little research and found out that this type of scam has become very common. So I told my friend and he cant still believe it. Attached is the info that this woman sent to my friend. It looks real to me but fake, fake, fake.

    1. Doc

      It’s the lure of a too good to be true price that keeps these scammers in business. Glad your friend didn’t get taken for an expensive ride.

      I’d appreciate if visitors to this article share it with their friends and followers. We have a share widget on the left side of the screen.

    2. Biggs

      It’s always the freaking same cars. Google every ebay offer our email that’s sketchy cause it will 90% of just been rehashed already a thousand times and you’ll see it pop up as scam.

      Shit there grammar and spelling is shop atrocious you know something ain’t right, nothings free or easy. ..too good to be true? Than it is. ..spread the vice video I posted. Check out there tons of eye opening (non sided left right etc)news on YouTube. Sit is funny fucked up and informative. Vice rules. Or catch that shit very well edited and HD,elongated episodes and more in depth on HBO.

    3. Doc

      Looks like the style i used in this post. Folks don’t swallow the sucker bait. These scammers would be out of business long ago if we didn’t support em. It’s always the lure of a too good to be true car deal that slays car buyers every time.

      Read my popular article “Internet Car Buying And Selling Tips” the butt you save just might be your own. And please share this page with your friends and followers.

      Stay safe and keep your money in the bank until verifying the legitimacy of an internet car deal. Then inspect it. If you cant inspect a car yourself hire someone that can!

      Regards, Doc. Publisher and site admin.

  2. Mike

    Friends of mine had the Ebay invoice, called the number on invoice (408-622-0124) and was told the lady was a reliable seller. Then looked up ebay number in google and called them. Gave them the ebay motors phone number above and they said it was not their number gave them the item number and they said nope it was a scam. Called back the number and when I told them ebay said they were trying to scam me, they hung up on me.

  3. phally

    I was going to buy a car from a Military women who claimed she had a 02 Toyota Tacoma on sale for $2000. I received a invoice from ebay in my spam inbox instructing me to put money on a money pak. I also did some research on scams like this. How would I know if this is a scam or not?

    1. Doc (Post author)

      Well Phally, not intentionally trying being a wise ass. But i recon you could purchase the $2k moneypak and send it to the scammer. If you do not receive the car, you’ll be certain it was a scam. 🙄

    2. Tim

      It’s very simple. ONLY buy something with a face-to-face, in-person transaction and pay CASH ONLY. Anything other than an in-person transaction with cash as the only form of payment is a SCAM, it’s really that simple.

  4. wally

    I just got scammed yesterday by ebay motors on a car purchase. Why and how are these people not caught and put out of business of stealing?


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