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Doc, is a retired used car dealer and former eBay Motors PowerSeller who offers his car buying and selling Internet advice. As it usually turns out, that bargain car found online, was no bargain! This website is dedicated to educating consumers how to spot and avoid bad used car deals online since it’s founding in early 2004!

Doc was the 1st Tampa Bay area used car dealer to sell used cars on eBay back in 1999. The growing corporation opened up a new market for motor vehicles among other items where there was none before. Car buyers in the northeast area could by a rust free Florida car in the middle of a blizzard and have it shipped home. Meg Whitman once said “wow they buy used cars too,” those were the good old days. Unfortunately corporate greed has put a hurting on this niche venue! 😥

Shopping online for a bargain late model used car? Avoid accident or flood damaged vehicles! As this buyer found out his bargain car turned out to be no bargain!

NEVER buy a car online without an inspection! Read my used car buying guide! 😎

But in the early 2000’s fraud started hurting the venues reputation. European scammers (mostly out of Romania) were stealing photos and descriptions from other listings. They listed collector and specialty cars at unrealistically low prices. Trusting buyers were being slaughtered by fraudsters who picked their pockets clean. 😥

Corporate insiders were stuffing their pockets full of cash and mostly denied fraud. The venue built on trust was infested with scams that were killing the founders trust and community values. Regardless Pierre Omidyar and Meg Whitman bankrolled the profits, as members were scammed.

General Lee Auction Spins Out

John Schneider general lee auction relisted after 9.9 MILLION Deadbeat Bidder

Over the years eBay tried reinventing itself with mixed results. Failed adventures like eBay Valet and other ideas fizzled out. They had a well established niche business in used merchandise, but threw it away trying to compete with Amazon. The motors venue was once the highest income generator, but has over the years lost it’s mojo.

It’s a known fact among many used car dealers front-line-ready quality used cars will not make a profit on eBay motors. Many sellers are offering bargain priced autos that have issues. There are many good deals online but do your homework before buying!

There’s an old saying that’s often true – nothing hurts worse than the truth! Corporate execs literally screwed Pierre’s TRUST and COMMUNITY Values into the ground, as buyers and sellers were ripped off. But it’s OK the house made a profit. Nothing else matters! 😥